Yale students mock Harvard over Zuckerberg affiliation

Harvard College might consider it a point of pride that Mark Zuckerberg, the multibillionaire who founded and operates Facebook, created the social networking behemoth while he was a student there (before dropping out).

But rival Ivy Leaguers at Yale are using the affiliation to mock Harvard, implying students at Zuckerberg's school have a reputation for social inadequacy.

The Yale Daily News reported on Sunday that the freshman class has created a T-shirt featuring the Facebook logo ahead of an annual Yale-Harvard football game. The logo contains the words "Harvard, the anti-social network — because you don't go to Harvard without being a(n) ____." 

The T-shirt allows readers to fill in the blank.

Readers might question whether social prowess is the best plank Yale students could choose to mock their Harvard counterparts. They don't exactly attend a party school, either.