Broadcast networks block Web content from Google TV

All four broadcast networks have blocked full episodes of their shows from appearing on Google's new platform that allows users to view Web content on their home TVs.

Google unveiled Google TV this fall in the hope of turning the television set into a multimedia platform capable of downloading video from the Web for instant viewing. However, broadcasters have resisted the service, fearing it could hurt revenue since TV commercials remain much more lucrative than Web ads.

Fox became the last of the four major networks to prevent Google TV from having access to full episodes of shows posted online this week. The network also blocks rival Boxee, which has likewise struggled to gain a foothold in the streaming-video market. ABC, NBC and CBS had previously moved to prevent Google TV from having access to their shows.

Currently the sentiment is that Google TV has too few users to justify an allowance from broadcasters, but that could change if Google were willing to pay licensing fees to the networks. Google has indicated it is not in favor of that approach.