Parents group says Hulu hurting kids

Of the 602 videos evaluated during the a three-week period, 46 percent were unrated and available to all users. The sites also failed to notify users when shows contained sex, violence or explicit language. Winter also noted that Fancast gave the animated series "South Park" a TV-PG rating. The show is rated TV-MA when shown on Comedy Central.

The PTC also claims that, based on its observations, it would be possible for a seven-year-old child to have full access to shows like "South Park" and "Family Guy," which are aimed at teenagers and adults, as well as a number of R-rated movies.

“Most parents understand that the Internet can be a dangerous place for children to consume video entertainment," Winter said. "Unfortunately, there is a great deal of explicit content even on those websites, and some of it is extremely inappropriate for young viewers."