FCC meeting pushed to Dec. 21

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has pushed its last meeting of the year to December 21, as The Hill reported last week.

A spokeswoman for the FCC chairman said on Monday that the agency had decided not to push the meeting back by a week. But on Tuesday, the agency announced that it will, in fact, change the date. 

The FCC has released no details about a possible plan to regulate Internet lines in December despite industry and Hill confirmations, analyst reports, and mounting obviousness that the chairman is considering ways to do so.

What can be gleaned from the change of date, according to telecom analysts at Stifel Nicolaus: the move might be an effort to "give the agency more time (in consultation with industry/outside parties) to finalize a [net neutrality] order that would need three commissioner votes to be approved."

An FCC spokeswoman provided this comment on the date change: “An extra week will help us evaluate potential agenda items for December.”

Aides to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are meeting with industry stakeholders and public advocates this week to discuss how the agency should move forward on net neutrality.