Good morning tech: Free Press open to net neutrality without Title II, Rush picks up support for telecom ranking member

Oracle wins $1.3 billion verdict for ex-SAP unit's downloading. Bloomberg reports that Oracle Corp. won a $1.3 billion jury verdict on Tuesday against rival SAP in the largest-ever award for copyright infringement. The jury awarded the damages after an 11-day trial in federal court in Oakland, Calif. Oracle sued SAP in 2007 claiming its U.S.-based unit made hundreds of thousands of illegal downloads and several thousand copies of Oracle’s software to avoid paying licensing fees and to steal customers.

Agency notes

Next-generation 911 system will accept text messages, photos.
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced a series of updates to the emergency call service 911 on Tuesday that will allow dispatchers to receive text messages, pictures, video and automated calls.

79 percent: The amount of higher-income households ($75,000+) that own laptops, compared with 47 percent of those living in less well-off homes. The data comes in a Pew Internet report released on Wednesday: 


"Sounds like someone's still on Friendster."

—Stephen Colbert on a potential explanation for Pope Benedict XVI's commentary this month that the Internet can cause "isolation and disorientation."


THANKFUL — Did Google facilitate the first Thanksgiving? The company added this video to its YouTube channel on Tuesday demonstrating the face recognition program Google Goggles.