Consumers Union urges government to block NBC-Comcast merger

"Allowing Comcast to take over the content by NBC Universal could mean consumers would pay higher prices and have fewer media choices,” she added.

The campaign includes a 10-by-22-foot mobile billboard with an image of a boa constrictor that resembles a TV cable wrapped around a TV set, with a tagline that reads "Don't Don’t Constrict Choice – Reject the Comcast Buyout of NBC.” The billboard will travel through the streets of Washington this week.

The next issue of Consumer Reports, published by Consumers Union, also includes an editorial citing the organization's concerns about competition and cost in the media marketplace:

“CU’s deep concerns about the proposed deal are about more than size. The merger would create a media conglomerate of incredible power and reach. Left to its own devices, Comcast/NBCU could manage and manipulate the creation and delivery of entertainment, news, and information to its liking. And Comcast/NBCU would be free to charge competitors higher prices to access its programming. Inevitably, those costs would be passed on to consumers."