OVERNIGHT TECH: House Judiciary Committee tackles WikiLeaks on Thursday

As noted above, the House Judiciary Committee will examine the legal implications of prosecuting WikiLeaks under the Espionage Act at 10am at Rayburn House Office Building.

Industry sources expect the Commerce Department to issue its privacy report on Thursday at 11am; the report is expected to call for privacy legislation as well as stronger regulatory authority for the FTC. http://bit.ly/gy95oS

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Media and Technology Institute will hold a lunch event starting at 11am at the Congressional Auditorium in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center.


Can't-miss news.

President Obama signed the CALM Act on Wednesday, which limits TV commercials to the same level of volume as the programs they interrupt: http://bit.ly/eQqI1a

Tech CEOs such as Google, Intel and Comcast were among the 20 invited to meet with President Obama on Wednesday at Blair House.

FCC responds to allegations from Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) they misquoted the telecom industry. http://bit.ly/evwOuM

Genachowski also took some time to push his net neutrality proposal by pointing to the success of Google and Facebook. http://bit.ly/eeaceb

Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz endorses Genachowski's plan. http://bit.ly/fWOQJX


Google deputy general counsel Don Harrison published a lengthy response to a WaPo column criticizing the ITA acquisition. http://bit.ly/fZQcxx

Twitter valued at $3.7 billion after raising another $200 million http://bit.ly/iehPwA


"I think five years from now, Julian Assange will be a historical footnote. We won't remember that at a time when Facebook will still continue to penetrate and affect our lives in a very immediate way."

- TIME Magazine managing editor Rick Stengel on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News explaining why he chose Mark Zuckerberg to be Person of the Year.