Activists may have mischaracterized Amazon on net neutrality

"I reiterated’s longstanding and continuing support for rules to protect the fundamental openness and growth of the Internet, and I thanked him and the Chairman for their work on this net neutrality issue; for the thorough and fair process they have run in these proceedings; and for their willingness to consider modifications to rules within their proposed policy framework, which we support" (emphasis added).

Amazon did not return a request for comment; Public Knowledge and the Media Access Project referred questions to Amazon.

Sources, however, said that company filed the second document in order to clarify that the first document did not correctly characterize their view.

Amazon has recently taken a more moderate view on net neutrality than the activism community.

"Radical solutions to Net neutrality, one way or the other, are politically impossible today," Misener wrote in a CNET column in July.

The FCC commissioners will vote on the proposal Dec. 21. Net-neutrality activists want the Democratic commissioners to kill the proposal by voting against it, since they see it as too weak.