Rep. Rush: Net neutrality a clash between 'Godzilla and King Kong'

The Color of Change campaign, which supports strict regulations for phone and cable companies, has sought to unhinge Rush's bid to become the top Democrat on the subcommittee overseeing telecom issues. The group says net neutrality is essential for helping minorities get online, charging that Rush has not done enough on the issue.

But Rush suggested in his speech that net neutrality is not a key issue for minorities; rather, it is a clash between corporations who are akin to "Godzilla and King Kong."

"While each of these giants was wailing away at one another, knocking each other down, tearing down telephone lines and ripping up infrastructure, demolishing cars, and rolling around on top of buildings and people, guess what happened?" he said. 

"The people, you know, the little guys, they got squashed like bugs under their feet because they were the innocent bystanders whose interests and, in fact, their very lives, were crushed in the epic battle between those two titans," he said.

Rush said it annoys him when "people who purport to represent people of color start talking about low-income, or poor people, as if they intimately know about their problems and challenges."

"Unlike those people, I do know and understand," he said.