Regs advocate: Net neutrality 'stronger than you think'

A key net-neutrality advocate is disagreeing with the laments of the advocacy community by saying rules passed this month actually have some heft to them.

Barbara van Schewick, an associate professor at Stanford Law School and a vocal proponent of strict net-neutrality rules, wrote in a blog post on Monday that rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission will have a positive impact.

That argument is more positive than those of other net-neutrality advocates who have panned the proposal this month, saying it is too watery.

Van Schewick, who wanted tough rules for the mobile Internet, finds some solace in the regulations even though they do not apply the same strictures to wired and wireless broadband.

"The order makes clear, however, that the Commission’s decision not to adopt further rules for the mobile Internet at this time should not be interpreted as blessing discriminatory behavior that would violate the open Internet rules for fixed broadband, but not for mobile broadband," she writes in the post, titled "The FCC’s Open Internet Rules — Stronger Than You Think."

Read the full blog post here.