Rep. Bono Mack pans net neutrality as 'federal pat-down of the Internet'

Bono Mack said the regulations will force companies "to check first with the government and get permission to innovate."

The FCC says the rules are a way to prevent cable and phone companies from exercising too much control over the content and applications that run over their networks.

Staunch net-neutrality advocates say the rules too weak to protect consumers. But the policy was still imposing enough to earn vocal criticism from Congressional Republicans. 


Bono Mack said the GOP will introduce legislation to repeal the regulations, although analysts say they are unlikely to muster the Democratic support they would need to effectively undo this Obama campaign promise.

The regulations may face a greater threat in court than in Congress. Opponents are expected to act swiftly to challenge the FCC order. 

An appeals court already struck down an FCC net-neutrality effort last year, but agency officials allege to have a better legal argument this time around.