Issa promotes whistleblower website

"Govt. Waste? A health care law without a public option. Tax cuts for the rich. 1,128 DoD bases around the world."

"Please investigate lost $8 billion cash in Iraq by Hailburton contractor."

"investigate ties between violence & nat'l political dialogue"


"Corporate loopholes that disadvantage small business"

"Giving trillions to rich via 'tax cuts'"

"Entire Afghanistan war."

"How Many People Committed Fraud to Get Obama into the White House? WHAT SHOULD 'WE THE PEOPLE' DO ABOUT IT?"

"For starters, witch hunts."

"EPA, Dept of Edu., Czars, Pigford claim

"No need to go to the Portal for waste,fraud,abuse,Look at obama,reid,pelosi,waters,waxman,rangel,frank,dodd"