Eshoo tweaks FCC for its legal argument on net neutrality

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) suggested that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could have done more to protect itself from legal challenges on net neutrality, such as the one Verizon mounted this week. 

“As I've previously indicated, the FCC's decisions left the door open for many legal challenges, and this is but the first," she said on Friday.

Eshoo, the ranking member on the Telecom subcommittee, wanted the FCC to ground its legal argument in Title II of the Communication Act, which is stricter than the Title I route the agency eventually chose.

Eshoo expressed disapproval toward Verizon's decision to fight the rules, but she made it clear the action was an expected one. 

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised by, Verizon’s legal challenge of the FCC’s Open Internet order," she said. “A free and open Internet should not have to be weighed down by legal challenges — its dynamism is essential to our economy."

She said she will continue to be guided by that belief as she moves forward.