Google censors file-sharing services on instant search

Google began censoring the names of file-sharing services such as RapidShare and BitTorrent from its instant search feature on Wednesday, according to various reports.

The move likely comes in response to copyright concerns from the music and film industries, which have argued in the past that Google is one of the leading methods to locate pirated materials.

Users who begin typing the names of one of the sites into their Google search box will notice the instant search results disappear after a few letters. However, users can still locate the services after searching for the complete term.

“We knew about Google’s plans for quite a few weeks now ... We believe it was the wrong decision to remove the term ‘RapidShare’ from the search suggestions," the firm said in a statement.

“Google has obviously gone too far with censoring the results of its suggest algorithm. A search engine’s results should reflect the users’ interests and not Google’s or anybody else’s.”