National Archives joins Foursquare

The National Archives became one of the first federal agencies to join the location-based social network Foursquare on Monday.

Users who join Foursquare can access tips when they check in at the Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Washington National Archives locations. The tips will highlight an interesting place or event based on the user's location. The public can also view the information by visiting the National Archives and Presidential Libraries on Foursquare.

"The Presidential Libraries on Foursquare bring the life and times of each President alive through tips at each Library and Museum location, and at landmarks across the country," the agency said in a release.

"In celebration of the 2011 Ronald Reagan Centennial, an ongoing release of tips will highlight interesting places and events related to President Reagan."

While the National Archives is already active on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and other social media sites, the move to join Foursquare puts the agency on the forefront of the federal government's social networking outreach efforts.

Foursquare is a rapidly growing service that allows users with smartphones to check into a business or location to alert friends, post pictures and tips related to that location or see what other people have posted nearby.

While the federal government hasn't quite embraced the platform yet, C-SPAN's account has gained popularity among the political crowd thanks to its posting useful tidibits of information around Washington.