PK rebrands 'the nuclear option'

After the phone and cable industry spent months calling broadband reclassification "the nuclear option," Public Knowledge is using the same term to describe a proposed repeal of net-neutrality rules. 

Reclassification was seen as a stricter option for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take in comparison to passing broadband regulations only. After the FCC chose the less severe approach, House Republicans still said they will try to repeal these regulations.

PK's director of government affairs Ernesto Falcon writes:"Opponents to an open Internet have made clear that despite the support from AT&T and the cable industry, they intend to invoke the nuclear option known as the Congressional Review Act (CRA). They have stated, despite significant corporate support (and significant dissent from public interest groups) that the Federal Communications Commission’s open Internet rules resemble George Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother."

In contrast, net-neutrality opponents do not see the CRA attempt as excessively aggressive. House Republicans argue that they are just fighting an action the FCC took without any congressional directive to do so. They have panned the FCC's process as opaque and say the regulations will stifle innovation and investment.

Repeal could be a long shot, however, as President Obama supported the FCC's action. Analysts say he would probably veto legislation to repeal net-neutrality rules. The rules may face tougher odds in court, where Verizon and Metro PCS have mounted appeals.