Genachowski doesn't stick neck out for D Block auction

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski chose not to advocate on Tuesday for a public safety proposal that the agency floated last year.

Asked during a media briefing about whether he supports the FCC's initial proposal or whether he prefers the plan backed by public safety agencies and the White House, Genachowski did not lend his support in either direction. 

His language confirms the widespread observation that the agency ceased public advocacy for its initial plan once the public safety community, the administration, Senate Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller (W.Va), and House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (NY) backed an opposing option.

Rather than take a side, Genachowski said the key development is that there is momentum to create a broadband network for first responders. 

"Any momentum to accomplish that would be welcome," he said, adding that the National Broadband Plan, where the original FCC proposal appeared "speaks for itself." 

Public safety officials said they are meeting with Genachowski to discuss the issue on Tuesday.