Eric Holder jokes about iPads with techie lawmakers

If you need any further proof of how pervasive iPads have become on Capitol Hill, consider this recent exchange between Attorney General Eric Holder and techie Reps. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and John Culberson (R-Texas).

Testifying before a House Appropriations subcommittee on Tuesday, Holder jokingly responded to a question from Culberson. "This is unfair, Mr. Culberson. You've got an iPad up there. You know, they wouldn't let me bring mine. You've got yours... ."

Holder clearly wasn't being serious, but Culberson didn't notice. "They wouldn't let you? Oh, sure you can. Absolutely."

At this point Wolf, the subcommittee chairman jumped in to inform Holder that "for the record, nobody asked. If you had asked, you could [have] brought your own."

Holder repeated that he was "just kidding" a few more times, but the room had already erupted in giggles. 

"I'm a big iPad fan," Wolf said, "I'm looking forward to [Wednesday]," the launch date of the highly anticipated iPad 2.

"Yes, the chairman's getting one, I think," Culberson piped up. 

For the record, Wolf told Holder, "You're welcome to come next time with [an iPad]."