Google feature allows users to block unwanted search results

Google unveiled a new feature Thursday that lets users block search results from domains they select.

Google debuted the feature last month as an extension on the Chrome browser but has now expanded it to all search results. When users click a search result and find the resulting page is low quality or pornographic, they can go back and choose to block the domain from all future search results.

"We’re adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalized and enjoyable experience on Google," said search-quality engineers Amay Champaneria and Beverly Yang.

"In addition, while we’re not currently using the domains people block as a signal in ranking, we’ll look at the data and see whether it would be useful as we continue to evaluate and improve our search results in the future."

The feature will be available Friday at and is already live for some users. Google has previously said it is working to improve its search results so they don't reward content farms and other sites with low-quality content but high search engine rankings.