Hacker group releases BofA e-mails

The hacker group Anonymous released e-mails Monday morning they claim demonstrate deceptive mortgage practices at Bank of America.

According to various reports, the documents come from a former employee of Balboa Insurance, which was formerly owned by Bank of America. The first published e-mail appears to show a Balboa employee asking a colleague to delete certain loan ID numbers from the computer system.

Last year, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he planned to release documents that could bring down a major American bank, but Anonymous is not associated with WikiLeaks and it is unclear if the e-mails posted are the same documents.

Anonymous members have gone after firms that cut off payments to WikiLeaks following the site's publication of classified diplomatic cables from the U.S. government. Bank of America is among the firms that stopped handling payments for WikiLeaks.

A Bank of America spokesman told the BBC that the e-mails posted have nothing to do with foreclosure procedures as Anonymous has alleged. The spokesman said Bank of America is confident the group's assertions regarding mortgage fraud will be proven untrue.