Consumers Union objects to AT&T data caps

"These usage caps and overage charges will only restrict consumer choice and demand for online services and activities that consumers desire, as many consumers will not want to or be able to pay excessive overage charges."

Desai noted the cap seems most likely to affect users that use their Internet connection to access online video services like Netflix. She called it "concerning" that the cap wouldn't affect users of AT&T's premium U-Verse service — AT&T has said the data cap for U-Verse users will be 250 gigabytes.

"In an effort to avoid excessive overage charges, consumers may be compelled to rely solely on U-Verse for their video and discontinue watching the online video content of their choice," Desai said.

Desai closed the letter by referring to Bell Canada's recent attempt to implement metered broadband pricing, which angered consumers so much that Canada's telecom regulatory body revoked its approval for the plan.