Obama: Tech in schools 'not a magic bullet'

President Obama emphasized the importance of technology in classrooms but said it wasn't a panacea during a town hall on education in the Hispanic community on Monday.

According to pool reports Obama told students at Bell Multicultural High School in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington that technology in schools is important but "not a magic bullet."

In response to an audience question he president said he has an iPad and a BlackBerry, but he took off the latter before the start of the program

"I didn't want it going off during the show."

Asked if he owns a personal computer, Obama replied, "I'm the president of the United States, you think I don't have a computer?" to laughter.

When questioned about the importance of recruiting minority teachers, Obama said his administration has worked to elevate the importance of teaching as a profession. He also suggested more teachers should be recruited from historically black and Hispanic colleges and universities.