Obama admin to FCC: Don't leave us out

The Obama administration sent a clear message to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week that it should not be left out of a key communications issue that could endanger military and aviation operations. 

The Defense and Transportation Departments wrote to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to say they should have been more involved in issues related to LightSquared, a wireless company that plans to sell capacity on its network to cable, wireless and other companies. 

"We are concerned about this lack of inclusiveness regarding input from federal stakeholders," wrote Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari and Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn. 

The pair raised concerns about LightSquared operations interfering with GPS for military and defense needs, requesting a study of potential impacts. 

FCC spokesman Robert Kenny said of this issue: "LightSquared will not be permitted to move forward with service under the waiver until potential interference issues are addressed. The process followed in addressing those issues will include the ongoing input of our federal partners, the GPS community and industry.”

He said GPS stakeholders have indicated they are satisfied with the process. “This is something that we’ll be looking at closely as part of our comprehensive review and efforts to identify problems and come up with solutions,” Kenny said.