Walden questions delay in publishing net-neutrality rules

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) raised concern Thursday about why it seems to be taking a while for net-neutrality regulations to get on the books after they were passed in December.

"I’m curious as to why it’s taken the FCC so long to file their network-neutrality rules in the Federal Register. It’s not that I’m eager to have their rules proceed, but it does raise some questions," said Walden, the top Republican on the Communications subcommittee.

He questioned whether the FCC is following the correct procedures and whether the agency is taking its time in order to derail a GOP effort to repeal the rules using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Walden's repeal measure is up for a House vote on Friday. 

"Is the delay because of a failure to meet all of the procedural requirements? Or is the delay a means to slow a repeal vote in the U.S. Senate or challenges in court?” he asked. 

The FCC responded by shooting down the notion of foul play. 

An FCC spokesman said, "There is no delay. The order quite simply is going through the normal process for clearing Paperwork Reduction Act requirements before being published in the Federal Register.”

The order can't be published until Paperwork Reduction Act requirements are met, according to the agency. The requirements include a 60-day comment period at the FCC, which ends April 10.