Amazon cloud crash takes down DoE website

A Department of Energy website is among the many that have been shut down or disrupted by the crash affecting portions of Amazon's cloud infrastructure, according to a report from Nextgov.

The site,, is aimed at sharing clean-technology practices from the private sector. A note on the site Thursday afternoon said it was temporarily down and that engineers were working to restore service.

"Unfortunately, OpenEI's datacenter, Amazon EC2, is temporarily down. We are working aggressively to restore service as soon as possible, please check back soon," the note states.

According to Nextgov, the EC2 cloud also hosts Treasury Department sites such as, and, all of which were operating smoothly despite the outages.

The crash has taken down or disrupted several popular websites, including the link-sharing service Reddit, which is currently in emergency read-only mode. Several other sites were still reporting problems at the time this post was published.