Net neutrality is 'wicked,' evangelical minister says

Evangelical Christian minister David Barton took a strong stance against net-neutrality regulations recently, arguing that they are "wicked" and amount to a "redistribution of wealth through the Internet."

The comments made waves in left-leaning media because of the hyperbolic adjectives. He said on a radio program: "This is really — I’m going to use the word 'wicked' stuff, and I don’t use that word very often, but this is wicked stuff."

Still, for all the complaints from the left that his view is extreme, his explanation of why he opposes net-neutrality regulations actually maps pretty closely to the mainstream arguments against the policy, which got voted down in the House this month.

Barton explained net neutrality as follows: "I mean, if you're Skype, you got a lot of bandwidth being used. If you're YouTube, you got a lot of bandwidth going with videos. Guess what? You got more bandwidth, you're going to have to pay a little more."

He continued sarcastically: "Oh no. That's not fair. That's not 'net neutrality.' "

Read his full remarks here, via Right Wing Watch.