Blumenthal wants DOJ to investigate Sony PlayStation Network breach

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) called for the Justice Department to launch a full investigation into the data breach that brought down the PlayStation Network last week to track down those responsible and examine whether Sony's delay in notifying customers makes the firm liable for any resulting damage to consumers.

"Any individual hacking into the PlayStation Network online and stealing personal information would appear to be criminally liable. It is vital that we aggressively investigate these hackers and hold them accountable," Blumenthal said in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday.

Sony acknowledged this week that an illegal attack last week brought down the network and compromised the personal and financial information of up to 77 million customers worldwide. Blumenthal wrote to Sony on Tuesday calling the firm's failure to directly notify affected customers that their information might have been breached "troubling."

"This weeklong delay in disclosing a possible breach of financial information is unacceptable, and left consumers highly vulnerable and primarily reliant on the varied quality of whatever anti-fraud protections may be provided by their banks or credit card providers," Blumenthal said, urging DOJ to look into Sony's conduct.

"Any investigation of this matter should include a thorough inquiry into whether Sony’s handling of events in the wake of its security breach gives rise to civil or criminal liability."

Sony began notifying customers via email on Wednesday that their account information has been compromised and encouraged them to monitor their financial accounts and credit reports to check for identity theft. Blumenthal previously said Sony should pay for credit reporting services and insurance for affected customers for up to two years.