Verizon appeals data roaming order

Verizon moved forward Friday with an appeal of the Federal Communications Commission's data roaming order, which forces AT&T and Verizon to offer "reasonable" data roaming agreements to other carriers.

The order, passed earlier this year over the objections of the commission's two Republicans, aims to allow customers of small- and medium-sized wireless companies to continue accessing the Internet through their phones even when they are outside their coverage area. 

The big carriers say government intervention is unneeded since they frequently enter data roaming agreements with smaller companies. 

Verizon's top Washington official, Tom Tauke, had signaled earlier this year that he would consider appealing the data roaming rules. 

"It would once again suggest the FCC is not mindful of the limitations of its authority and the problems that arise when it acts without the proper authority from the Congress," he said at a press briefing before the data roaming order passed the commission. 

Verizon has also taken the FCC to court over its net-neutrality regulations, a case that is still pending.