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Executive Notes

Microsoft, Google Vie to Sell U.S. Cloud Mail. Selling cloud services to the federal government is a “new front” in the war between Google and Microsoft, according to the Wall Street Journal. The companies are “vying to take over the job of providing email to the General Services Administration,” the articles says. The deal could influence how other agencies proceed with technology contracts. In what vendors said was a major step, the GSA certified on Thursday that Google Apps “meets security requirements to qualify for use by the agency.”

Industry notes

CTIA sues San Francisco over radiation ordinance. The wireless trade group CTIA is suing the city of San Francisco over its recently announced law that requires retailers to display the level of radiation emitted by wireless devices, the Washington Post reports. The group is arguing that the law could confuse consumers about phones’ safety and that it contradicts the Federal Communications Commission’s oversight of phone standards. The city passed the law last month out of concerns that the radiation could have health effects, including increasing the risk of cancer. Scientific evidence on that claim is still inconclusive. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has introduced a bill to boost research on the subject.

Foxconn employees at India factory treated for nausea. Bloomberg reports that about 150 Foxconn Technology Group workers at a factory in Chennai, India, were treated for nausea and breathlessness Saturday at a local hospital. A hospital spokesman said that most of the patients have been released but some are still being treated. The cause of the incident remains unknown, but sources tell the Hindu Business Line that the illnesses occurred after workers inhaled pesticide fumes. Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic components, produces Apple products, Intel motherboards and other electronic products. It has come under scrutiny for its working conditions after a spate of employee suicides in China this year.

Verizon Wireless gains outpace AT&T’s. Verizon’s wireless arm added a net 665,000 contract customers in the second quarter, 160,000 more than AT&T added, the Wall Street Journal reports. Verizon got a boost from solid sales of Droid smartphones with Google Android software. Apple’s launch of iPhone 4 wasn’t enough to push AT&T over the top.

Apple pushing back release of white iPhone 4. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple said it was pushing back the release of a white version of iPhone 4 for a second time because of manufacturing problems. The two delays come as Apple regroups from public relations nightmares over reception problems that resulted from the new iPhone’s antenna design.

Court notes

Violating website terms of service is not, and is, a crime, court rules.
Yahoo News reports that a California judge has ruled that
violations of websites’ terms of service agreements are not enforceable.
The judge sided with Power Ventures on that point; Facebook had sued
the company for making a program that let users import their personal
information from Facebook into other sites. But the judge also agreed
with Facebook on one point, saying that it is illegal to attempt for a
company to bypass the technical measures another company uses for
enforcing its own rules and security. The article’s example: “I can’t
make it illegal for you to, say, attempt to save a copy of this blog
post to your hard drive; but if I come up with a clever program to keep
you from doing that, and you bypass that programming somehow, you may be
breaking the law.”


$1.2 million — The amount former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) will make as the new head of the Motion Picture Association of American, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


TIMELINE — The New York Times reports that the hunt for anachronisms on Mad Men is a hot topic on online comment boards. “Very often, however, fans will discern anachronisms that aren’t there — ‘un-achronisms,’ as they were dubbed in the online forum Television Without Pity. Deborah Lipp, who runs the ‘Mad Men’ fan blog Basket of Kisses with her sister Roberta, has dispelled fans’ concerns about the appearance of words like intense, lifestyle, self-worth, regroup and recon. She credits the hard work of the ‘Mad Men’ brain trust with making sure that the true clunkers are few and far between,” says the New York Times.


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