Rep. Polis promotes economic benefits of fair use exception


Polis compared some stringent proposals to combat copyright infringement to fighting piracy at sea by shutting down seaports.

“These economic arguments are particularly important when there’s a lot at stake — jobs, jobs, jobs,” Polis said. “That’s something at the top of the agenda for members of both parties.”     

Industries that rely on fair use exceptions include the news media and search engines such as Google.  

Ed Black, president and CEO of the CCIA, said in statement, “Too often we hear about the cost of piracy without also considering the cost to legitimate sectors of the U.S. economy of poorly targeted copyright enforcement measures like the pending Protect IP Act.”   

Mitch Glazier, vice president of government and industry relations at the Recording Industry Association of America, defended the economic impact of the Protect IP Act, which aims to deny access to copyright infringing websites and is currently awaiting a vote in the Senate. 

“Protect IP targets the worst of the worst illegal foreign sites that profit from stealing American goods. Any suggestion that these overwhelmingly illegal sites would fall under any kind of ‘fair use’ defense is wholly incorrect. The legislation attacks clearly illegal acts, and not the technology used to implement them,” he said.