Eshoo, Markey request wireless healthcare study


In a letter to the GAO, the lawmakers wrote that wireless medical devices hold significant promise for enhancing health and reducing the costs of healthcare for all Americans, but they expressed concern over whether the Federal Communications Commission is doing enough to address the challenges and risks the devices pose.

Wireless health devices can include remote monitoring systems, sensors that send text messages to doctors if a patients condition changes and pumps that deliver insulin to diabetes patients. 

Earlier this month, a security researcher identified flaws that would allow for an attacker to remotely control a persons insulin pump.

It’s critical that these devices are able to operate together and with other hospital equipment, and not interfere with each other’s activities and data transmissions, the lawmakers wrote. It’s also important that such devices operate in a safe, reliable, and secure manner.

Eshoo and Markey both are members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Eshoo is the ranking member of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Communications and Technology.