Google dominates online video rankings

Google is still easily the top provider of online video content, thanks to YouTube, but Facebook is quickly becoming a player in the growing market, according to July data from comScore.

Google remains in a dominant position, with 88 percent of the online video market, or 158.1 million unique visitors for the month, more than twice second-place VEVO's 62.1 million. Facebook ranked third with 51.4 million, followed closely by Microsoft sites at 49.5 million.

Google viewers also spent the longest time on the site, at 353 minutes; none of the other sites except ninth-place Hulu (205 minutes) kept viewers on their site for more than 66 minutes on average. However, Hulu generated the highest number of video ad impressions at 963 million.

The rankings do not include Netflix, which is one of the leading providers of streaming online video content to users via the Web as well as set-top boxes and gaming consoles.

The online video market is poised for some upheaval as the networks have indicated they may pull some first-run content offline after previously providing free access through Hulu and other websites.