OVERNIGHT TECH: Debate heats up over online copyright bill

"We urge you to use the opportunity presented by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction’s charter to create a meaningful pipeline of spectrum that will both generate much needed revenue for the Treasury and provide our industry with a path to continued growth," they wrote.

Telecom chief says FCC should adopt ABC plan: Walter McCormick, the president and CEO of U.S. Telecom, said Tuesday the Federal Communications Commission should ignore the lobbying of the wireless industry, the cable industry and media reform groups as the agency looks to overhaul its Universal Service Fund. Instead, the FCC should adopt the telecom industry's proposal to restructure the fund, he said.


The FCC is scheduled to vote on the USF proposal at its meeting on Thursday.

Lawmakers worried about poker bots: One issue that drew concern from lawmakers at Tuesday's hearing about the possibility of legalizing online gambling was the use of advanced analytics, software add-ons and bots that give some professional poker players an advantage over casual players at online poker. Many of the 50,000 online poker players that identify as professionals use the software programs, which can track a user's playing history to display betting patterns and determine which users are less skilled and more prone to losing. Online poker champion Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) said he was willing to incorporate any protections against the use of such tools in his legislation.


"America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh will join first-responders and public-safety advocates to urge lawmakers to reallocate the D Block of spectrum for the creation of a national public-safety network.

Privacy panel postponed: A panel scheduled for Wednesday morning to discuss online privacy issues has been postponed. The event, hosted by public relations firm Ogilvy, would have featured Erin Egan, the director of privacy for Facebook. There is no word on when the event might be held.


Two more people have pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to the federal government's sting on the movie-piracy website Ninjavideo.net.

The U.S. Copyright Office released a two-year strategic plan that emphasizes online copyright enforcement.

Senators call for an investigation of mobile "stalking" apps.

Pew Research Center found more than one in ten adults own a tablet computer.