Hutchison calls for Senate to repeal net neutrality


The rules prevent Internet service providers from discriminating between two similar sources of content. They already face a host of legal challenges from ISPs that argue the FCC overstepped its legal authority and public interest groups that want the rules to also apply to wireless broadband.

Hutchison argued the rules, which are scheduled to take effect on November 20, would stifle innovation and create barriers for firms looking to offer new services on the Web.

"Forcing broadband companies to say, ‘Mother may I?’ to the federal government is going to delay the implementation of the new products and services getting to the market; it’s going to increase costs to consumers. What’s good about that?" Hutchison said.

She said she expects a vote on the issue next week, but only because the Congressional Review Act requires an expeditied determination on resolutions of disapproval.

"Without that force, I guarantee you that the Senate would not be voting on it next week,” she added.