Effin woman campaigns for Facebook recognition


She says the website suggests Effingham, Ill., or Effingham, N.H., instead.

Kennedy has created a Facebook group to campaign to get the social networking site to recognize Effin.

"It's a great little parish. I'd just like to put down (on Facebook), because I'm from Effin, and so would so many Effin people around the world, that they're from Effin," she told the BBC. "But Facebook won't let it because they think it's obscene or offensive."

Andrew Noyes, a Facebook spokesman, said Facebook does not ban the word "effin" and does not think it is obscene.

"From time to time we are alerted to oversights such as this in our mapping system," he said. "We will look to correct it to ensure places like Effin can be ‘liked’ on Facebook."

Kennedy told the BBC she doesn't think the name of the town is as funny as other people think.

"We are used to it, although the name originated from a saint," she said.