LightSquared calls for investigation of leaked report


He said the testing assumed LightSquared will operate its network at power levels 32 times greater than it really will.

Additionally, "certain critical information" necessary to interpret the data is not available yet, according to Ahuja.

"LightSquared has suffered serious and substantial injury as a result of this leak," he wrote.

"Based on Bloomberg News’ reporting, it is apparent that this leak was intended to damage LightSquared’s reputation, spread false information in the marketplace, and prejudice public opinion against LightSquared." 

Ahuja asked for a government statement condemning the leak and clarifying that the information was preliminary and incomplete.

He urged the agencies to refer the matter for an investigation to ensure that "responsible individuals are held accountable for their actions."

He said it appears a government official is responsible.

The leak creates "serious doubts about the fairness and integrity of the entire process," Ahuja wrote.  "In my 30-year business career, I have never seen a more profound breach of trust."