WhiteHouse.gov allows collection of user data

An updated privacy policy for WhiteHouse.gov, its mobile apps and social media sites released Friday explains how the government can collect user data if it’s in the open domain.

“Information you choose to share with the White House (directly and via third party sites) may be treated as public information," the new policy says, according to The Associated Press


The policy doesn’t impose any significant changes. Instead, it aims to make it easier for online visitors to the White House to understand how their visits are documented.

Information about how long and when people visit the site is recorded, for instance, as is the amount of data transmitted from WhiteHouse.gov to their computers. Emails that are opened, forwarded or printed from the website are also tracked.

The Obama administration says it promises not to sell the data of online visitors, but cannot make the same guarantee when people visit third-party White House webpages on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, the AP report said.

“Your activity on those sites is governed by the third-party website's security and privacy policies," which allow some companies to sell user data.