Obama to voter on Google+: Send me your husband’s resume

Call him the headhunter in chief.

President Obama vowed to take a look at a Fort Worth woman’s husband’s resume on Monday in an attempt to help him find a job.

Participating in the first-ever virtual interview on the social networking site Google+, Obama was asked by Jennifer Weddel why her husband, a semiconductor engineer, is unable to find a job. (The Fort Worth woman also inquired why the government continues to extend H1B visas when there are many Americans without jobs.)

In the beginning, Obama told Weddel that her husband “should be able to find something right away.” Unconvinced, Weddel kept pressing.

“Send me your husband’s resume,” Obama said, after the woman voiced her frustration. “I will follow up on this.”

“I’ll have to take you up on that,” Weddel responded with a smile.

During the online chat where You Tube users asked and voted on more than 133,000 questions, Obama also fielded a taped question from a 53-year-old Occupy protestor who’s out of work. “I need help. What am I going to do?” she asked him.

Obama replied that the “most important thing I can do for folks who are out of work right now is grow the economy.”

The president, seated in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing, was also asked about drone attacks, foreign aid, student loans, and his policies on small business.

But the most popular question was about Richard O’Dwyer, the British student who is accused of launching a website that gives people free access to TV shows and movies.

While Obama said he, like other presidents, doesn’t get involved in prosecution decisions, “what I can say broadly is that we want to make sure that intellectual property is protected…but we want to do it in a way that’s consistent with Internet freedom.”

As expected, the online event had its share of softball questions: Obama was asked to dance and one questioner, a student asked if Obama would come by his school and play tennis.

The president was also asked about life in the presidential “bubble” and his wedding anniversary plans.

“Sadly, it’s a month before the election,” he said of the October 3rd anniversary date. “I don’t know how romantic a weekend we’re going to get.”

At the end of the call, however, Obama’s parting words were directed to Weddel and her husband’s unemployment issue.

“Jennifer, remember to send me that information!” he said.