Megaupload data safe for now


Although the site is charged with hosting illegal copies of movies and TV shows, many people used Megaupload to store legitimate files, such as family photos.

According to the indictment, Megaupload leased 25 petabytes, or 25 million gigabytes, from Carpathia.

"Carpathia Hosting has no immediate plans to reprovision some or all of the Megaupload servers," Brian Winter, a spokesman for Carpathia, said in a statement. "This means that there is no imminent data loss for Megaupload customers. If this situation changes, Carpathia will post a notice at least 7 days in advance of reprovisioning any Megaupload servers at and" is a joint effort between Carpathia and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help users recover data they had stored with Megaupload.