Feds to charge Chinese tech company $34.9 million

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Thursday that it plans to charge a Chinese tech company $34.9 million for marketing illegal signal jamming devices to U.S. consumers.


According to the agency, C.T.S. Technology Co. falsely told U.S. consumers that its signal jamming devices — which impede wireless devices like police radios and cellphones — were approved by the FCC, and sold devices to undercover FCC personnel.

“All companies, whether domestic or foreign, are banned from marketing illegal jammers in the U.S.,” Travis LeBlanc, acting chief of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, said in a statement.

“Signal jammers present a direct danger to public safety, potentially blocking the communications of first responders,” LeBlanc continued.

“Operating a jammer is also illegal, and consumers who do so face significant civil and criminal penalties.”

In addition to the $34.9 million fine, the Chinese tech company is prohibited from marketing its illegal devices to U.S. consumers and must provide to the FCC information about U.S. consumers that purchased the devices.