Rep. Bono Mack plans hearing on White House privacy plan


The White House's Privacy Bill of Rights is a declaration of how Web companies should handle user information, but it is not legally enforceable. The administration plans to work with companies and privacy advocates in the coming months to develop a detailed code of conduct based on the principles.

The White House declared that consumers have a right to control what data organizations collect from them and how they use it. Companies' privacy policies should be easy to understand and companies must protect user data from hacking and leaks, the document states. 

The outline says consumers have a right to "reasonable limits" on the collection of their personal data and a right to access the data that companies have gathered on them.

Bono Mack warned against enacting tough privacy regulations like European governments have.

"That’s why my subcommittee has been taking a thoughtful, measured approach to online privacy, which I strongly believe — over the long haul — will benefit both American consumers and the U.S. economy," she said. "Once we have heard from all the stakeholders, we can make an informed decision about the need for legislation.” 

Bono Mack has been particularly critical of Google in recent weeks and has demanded multiple briefings with Google officials to discuss their privacy policies.