Google eyeing kids’ Web, according to report

Google is working to make its products compatible with the rules regarding Internet services for kids, according to a report from The Information.


“Google has been working to overhaul its Web services so it can legally allow children to use them, as it becomes more willing to tolerate hairy legal requirements in exchange for growth,” according to the report.

Google is considering creating a “child-safe version of YouTube” as well as a dashboard enabling parents to monitor their children’s activities, The Information reported.

In the U.S., Internet companies aimed at users under the age of 13 are governed by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

That 1998 law, which was updated last year by the Federal Trade Commission, restricts how companies collect and share information about young users.

Many Internet companies aimed at wider audiences, including Google, avoid the law’s restrictions by requiring users to state that they are 13 or older.