FCC gets new tech chief

A computer science professor and researcher is taking over as the chief technology officer at the Federal Communications Commission.

University of California, Irvine, Professor Scott Jordan is replacing Henning Schulzrinne as the top tech advisor at the FCC, Chairman Tom Wheeler announced on Tuesday.


“Scott’s engineering and technical expertise, particularly with respect to the Internet, will provide great assistance to the commission as we consider decisions that will affect America’s communications platforms,” Wheeler said in a statement.

Jordan has focused on communications policy issues like net neutrality — the concept that Internet service providers should treat all Web traffic equally — as well as fairness for different devices and pricing issues on the Internet. He previously served on the FCC’s advisory committee for net neutrality regulations.

In the new post, he will provide technical advice across the FCC. He will also meet with outside tech experts and make sure agency officials are doing all they can to use the best technology.

He will have “big shoes to fill," Wheeler said, noting Schulzrinne’s input on the FCC's effort to require wireless companies and some applications be able to send text messages to 911, among other issues.   

Schulzrinne is heading back to Columbia University but will continue to do part-time advising for the commission on technology issues.