Survey: More trust NSA than Google with data





People would be more upset if Google gained access to their private data than the National Security Agency, according to an online survey released this week.

The survey asked respondents to rate on a scale of one to 10 how upset they would be if various companies, agencies or individuals gained access to their personal electronic data, including "web history, downloads, cell phone data, etc."


On average, individuals said they would be more upset with Google (7.39) than the NSA (7.06).

On the bottom of the spectrum, people were the least concerned about their spouse or significant other accessing their data (4.55).

The survey was conducted by Survata, which places polls on various websites that require a visitor to answer the question to access online content. It gained more than 2,500 responses to the question. 

According to the website Cnet, which first reported the survey, the poll surveyed 2,566 people between the ages of 13 and 44. Nearly 60 percent were female and a little more than half were 24 years old or younger.