Are Giants a dynasty? Staffer thinks so

Are Giants a dynasty? Staffer thinks so
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After a thrilling victory in game seven of the World Series, someone in the House thinks the San Francisco Giants deserve to be recognized as one of baseball’s greatest teams.

An anonymous person using a House computer on Thursday repeatedly tried to edit Wikipedia to add the Giants to the page for sports dynasties, alongside the 1990s Chicago Bulls, the 1980s Edmonton Oilers and the New York Yankees around the turn of the millennium.


The person made three edits trying add the team to the page on Thursday; other editors have repeatedly pulled them down, disagreeing that the team — which has now won three titles in five years — should be considered alongside legends of professional sports.

“I don't understand why people keep removing the Giants from the Baseball section,” the unnamed person in the House wrote on a discussion page in Wikipedia’s back end. “There are a huge amount of reliable sources calling them a dynasty. They have won a majority of the championships over the last five years.”

The editor was acting anonymously on an Internet protocol (IP) address linked to the House.

House staffers have run awry of Wikipedia’s community of editors in the past, after a series of prank edits that seemed intent on triggering a Twitter bot that automatically updates whenever an anonymous edit is made from the halls of Congress. 

On IP address potentially used by hundreds of staffers was blocked three times this summer, most recently after controversial edits to pages about transgender people.

The IP address caught up in that debate was different than the one trying to praise the Giants on Thursday.

With the midterm elections just days away, activity on Capitol Hill has effectively stalled, leading to empty work days for many staffers.