Pot tops Facebook Election Day chatter

Pot tops Facebook Election Day chatter
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Marijuana was Facebook's top talker on Election Day.

The drug was the most talked about topic on the social network across the country on Tuesday, when voters in locales across the country voted to loosen the rules on pot.


Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., decided to legalize marijuana, following similar moves in Colorado and Washington state in 2012. In Florida, an effort to legalize medical marijuana failed to achieve the 60 percent necessary to pass but nonetheless won the support of 58 percent of the voting public.

Following marijuana on the list of top Facebook topics were taxes, ObamaCare and education, all of which were major issues for voters who went to the polls on Tuesday. Fifth on the list was voter fraud.

In all, 27 million people on Facebook participated in discussions about the midterm elections on Tuesday, the company said.

Facebook, Google and other major Internet companies rolled out a number of new tools and features ahead of the elections.

In addition to analyzing users’ interactions, for instance, Facebook also gave everyone on the site the option to click a button indicating that they voted and encouraging others to follow suit.