News Bites: Google dodged DOJ investigation, defends against patent charges

A Brooklyn judge has declined to quash a subpoena seeking the tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protester who was arrested for blocking the borough's eponymous landmark bridge. Reuters reports the judge's ruling that Malcolm Harris did not have standing to challenge the subpoena for his tweets, which had been issued to Twitter. 

In Google-Oracle trial news, Google's defense team brought former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz to the stand to defend against allegations made by Oracle that Google used Java API's in Android without a license from Java inventor Sun, which was acquired by Oracle. CNet has the report.

The New York Times Editorial Board comes out in favor of the FCC's proposed disclosure rules, which the commission votes on today.

Finally, Bloomberg drops a bombshell as it reveals that Samsung has, at long last, taken the mantle of the world's largest mobile phone maker from longtime cell king Nokia.