ICANN targets May 22 to reopen Web address application system


ICANN, a California-based nonprofit that manages the Web's address system, began accepting applications earlier this year for new Web domain endings in addition to traditional endings, such as .com or .org. The group says the new domain endings, such as .sport, .bank or .food, will spur online innovation and help consumers. 

But advertisers and some government officials have criticized the domain name expansion, warning it could confuse consumers and force companies to spend millions defensively buying up domains related to their brands.

Last month, ICANN had to take its application system offline when it identified a glitch that allowed some groups to look at the confidential applications of their rivals.

ICANN said Wednesday there is no evidence that any applicant tried to use the glitch to gain an unfair edge over competitors.

The group said the "large majority" of users were not affected by the glitch.