Pandora joins Internet Association

Online radio provider Pandora is joining the Internet Association, boosting the trade group's numbers to 29. 

The Internet Association is already composed of technology giants including Google, Facebook, Netflix and Twitter. It said the addition would be an important step in its advocacy on Capitol Hill. 

"As an American innovator standing at the intersection of music and technology, Pandora is excited to join the Internet Association, a leading voice for the future of Internet policy,” Pandora's general counsel Steve Bené said in a statement. 


Pandora has had a lobbying operation for years, advocating on issues related to antitrust, radio station ownership, the Federal Communications Commission, music licensing and copyright. 

"Pandora’s inventive approach to intelligent music streaming has transformed the industry and placed a focus on user choice and taste,” said Michael Beckerman, the president of the Internet Association. 

“Pandora’s perspective will add tremendous value as we educate policymakers and advocate for policies that promote innovation and growth in the Internet economy," he added.