Scott Walker punts on net neutrality

Scott Walker punts on net neutrality
© Greg Nash

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who is considering running for president, demurred when asked about the Federal Communications Commission's approval of "net neutrality" rules that would stop Internet providers from determining the speed at which users can access the Internet.

"I think on that ... the guiding principle should be freedom," he said while appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, without offering any specific policy prescriptions for the regulation of the Web.


He did suggest that he would be able to offer a more specific answer should be run for president.

The comments followed a speech where he sought to paint himself as a successful, battle-tested state executive before an audience of conservatives.

Walker has given early indications that he intends to turn to his party's base for support, hiring two advisers for his political committee with deep roots in the conservative movement.

The FCC rules, approved Thursday, will allow the government to regulate the Internet like a utility. Some conservatives have said that they constitute government overreach.